Marvin Unger About

European design thought in the broadest sense of the discipline defines my key interest. My work is characterized by an in-depth research of artifacts in their context. Field research, critical collection of visuals and societal-economical backgrounds make me question the current industrial world.

The topics of my projects develop by cross-examining the relationships between man-made objects in their environment, in European culture and in rituals - in space and cyberspace. The dialogue between cultural relevance and formal references creates new values, materialized in fluid scale. The research develops into objects, audiovisual narratives and interactive, three-dimensional scenarios.

Since my Graduation as a Designer, I work in the fields Research, Speculative Design, and Exhibition Design. If you are interested in the works or in a collaboration, feel free to get in touch.

Born in rural industrial Germany, I discovered an early interest for human-industrial relationships, poetry and its importance to society, as well as questioning the relevance of products in a capitalist society. This lead me to study Design and I had the possibility to exhibit at the Salone del Mobile 2016 in Milan. As my interest in other cultural contexts grew, I began to study at the Ensci – Les Ateliers in Paris, where I worked on cultural studies observing the suburbs and the movement in the city. During my time in Paris, I had the chance to work with Bless Paris on object interventions for the "Neutra Dasein" exhibition at the R. Neutra House in Los Angeles, 2018. To change surroundings once again I moved to the Netherlands to study "Leisure" at the Design Academy Eindhoven where I researched a suburb of Amsterdam with a focus on health. Subsequently, I worked at O.M.A. Rotterdam in 2020 as Exhibition Designer, creating audiovisuals for the "Countryside, The Future" exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.