Marvin Unger Interzone (2018)

A ritual place to celebrate the transcendency of nature. In collaboration with Hans-Peter Lutsch.

In this research-based project, we sat out to collect shapes and images connected to religion and the supernatural. Our aim was to understand the meaning of transcendence of objects and human beings. How will humans and their values change in the future. What will we be missing from our past? Gender? The decay of the nature or the decay of our body? The Interzone is an imaginary place in the future to meant to celebrate being human. People will meet in a digital place to reminisce with rituals and celebrate the flaws and disadvantages of the old world. All while living in a new perfect Utopia.

If you take your smartphone you can be part of the different Rituals in the Interzone. Just orientate your camera on the QR-Code and open the link. If you use the mobile version already, you find the Rituals on Ritual 1, Ritual 2 and Ritual 3.

Photo Credit: Hans-Peter Lutsch