Marvin Unger Motor City S (2021)

An experimental project researching the network car-infrastructure in the case of Motor City Stuttgart. Could the pandemic with its lockdown be the blueprint for a post-industrial „Autofreie Stadt“ (car-free city)?

The project started with research on the „Rise of the car industry“ and the potential „Fall of the car industry“. In-depth research on the product 'car' and the related industry / infrastructure showed how complex these relations and networks are.

The concept of the „autogerechte Stadt“ (car-friendly city) versus the „autofreie Stadt“ (car-free city) shows how deeply this product is woven into urban infrastructures. The potential removal of the product 'car' leads to unimaginable changes in our everyday environment but could contribute to solving the current climate crisis.

Due to the lockdown we experienced abandoned infrastructures and the continuous system got interrupted on a global scale. The dashcam moving through those spaces captured, what could eventually be the blueprint for a „New Normal“ in a post-futurist world. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the dream of a new urban environment revealed. Which world is awaiting us after the pandemic?

Practical Support: Lennart Unger, Etienne Ninkov
Computational Support: Jan Hoydem
Voice Over: Martha Bolnyh, Dimitrios Minoudis
Graphic Design: Sophie Kraft, Jakob Mayer

Support: Hans-Peter Lutsch, Thomas Cappellaro,
Jasper Zehetgruber, Philipp Schell, Simon Meienberg
Workshop: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Volker Menke, Tilmann Eberwein, Armin Hartmann

Exhibition Images Credit: Yannik Härter