Marvin Flores Unger Post Motor City S (2017–2067)

Stuttgart’s 304.426 registered cars form the basis for a future narrative portraying a climate-positive future. In-depth critical research into motor cities, drawing on theories of new materialism (Donna Haraway, Bruno Latour, Gilles Deleuze) is further developed into processes of transformation and conception.

What would a post-futuristic future look like and how would it change our environment?

With the aid of machine learning, an artificial body of memory is formed, which drawing on artefacts gives rise to new possibilities that we, having grown up surrounded by car ads and traffic noise, are no longer able to imagine. In a continuous process, AI images and artefacts are shown, to create videos superimposed with car-free roads during lockdown.

The research deals with the history of the automobile and its meaning for society (futurism), industrial infrastructures and (alternative) conceptions of the future.

The works are part of an alternative concept to current narratives of an industry-friendly future. Using machine learning, speculative sculptures are created, which are displayed in a video. A post-futuristic future emerges, presented as an audiovisual installation.

The project Post Motor City S was supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds through the special support programme Neustart Kultur.