Marvin Unger Resection A10 (2019)

How is the health of a neighborhood related to urban-planning decisions?
A project developed from a field-research in Bos en Lommer, Amsterdam.

Historical Research, Interview with Inhabitants, Site Investigation and Medical Findings sets the base for the Project “Resection A10”. The A10 is dividing Bos en Lommer, destroying the health of the living environment and the inhabitants. The city of Amsterdam is trying to hide this part of the Rijksweg.

The Rijksweg 10 is the disease of this and other city areas. It’s time to rethink the urban decisions of the 1960s. The car-free streets will get a space that invites to dream.

In collaboration with Irene Fortuyn, Ketter&Co and Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), WOW presents City Circles Amsterdam during the WeMakeTheCity Festival. The Exhibition was open from June 21st till August 21st 2019.

Group Exhibition: Kristina Daurova, Arie de Fijter, Louis Hothothot, Miyuki Inoue, Tom Kemp, Monica Mays, Jade Badra, Aurelie Deze, Hao Du, Daniel Laufs, Britt Peeters, Janneke Schouten, Imke Sloos, Filips Staņislavskis, Ignacio Subias, Lola Tual, Marvin Unger

Exhibition Images Credit: Mélanie Lemahieu